Hi all,

How are you all? I’ve been doing a lot of reflection recently and I’ve come up with a list of things I absolutely need to purge from my life.

So, here goes…

1. I am done… with people who just want to compete with me about mental illness. There is no competition. There is no winner. We can all struggle. Let’s just be kind, shall we?

2. I am done… with feeling bad for not having a big group of friends. My circle is small and that is okay. I think I like it better that way.

3. I am done… putting myself through situations I don’t want to be in just to please other people. I am done being friends with people I don’t like. People change and sometimes we don’t change together. No one wants to be a friend out of obligation. Life is too short.

4. I am done… with people who compare their mental health to my mental disorders. I downplay what I go through a lot, but the diagnoses I have are serious and they alter my life completely. They cannot be compared to someone’s mental health, especially on topics they’ve never had to deal with. We shouldn’t be comparing anyway.

5. I am done… trying to control all aspects of my life at once. I am done thinking I can outsmart the universe and map out all the scenarios of how things might turn out. I am done jumping ahead of myself, I just need to let things be.

6. I am done… with shitty friends. I am done with friends who claim to be there for you and yet are nowhere to be seen. I am done with friends who only re-surface once they think you’ve recovered from an episode, rather than being there with you when you needed them. I am done with friends who don’t celebrate your achievements with you. I am done with friends who claim to love your blog but haven’t even read a single post.

7. I am done…  spending my money on things I do not need. Months without money has made me appreciate what I spend it on.

8. I am done… explaining myself in situations I don’t need to. I used to offer long explanations and offer reassurance wherever I could. I felt really bad if I didn’t. I felt the need to justify myself and my decisions.

9. I am done… comparing myself to others on social media. I am done letting other people’s successes make me feel unhappy and unsuccessful. I am done letting other people’s successes mean more to me than my own.

10. I am done… thinking that I am fucked up. I am done with selling myself short. I’m not fucked up. I am sick, not weak.

11. I am done… trying to impress everyone I meet. I am done arguing with people who believe they are always right. I am done living to other people’s expectations instead of my own.

12. I am done… spending my days/ evenings/ weekends/ weeks/ months worrying about people that don’t give me a second thought. I am done with people that don’t prioritise me in their lives.

13. I am done… with feeling bad about myself for being unemployed. I am done comparing myself against people who are fully recovered or are not mentally unwell.

14. I am done… needing validation from others. I, of course, would still like those around me to approve of my decisions… but I am done needing my life to fit into other people’s expectations. My self-worth, self-confidence, and ideas of myself should come from me. As long as I am good enough for me, that is all that matters.

15. I am done… living in the past. I am done feeling bad for making past mistakes. I am not that person anymore. I am done fearing the changes that are coming. I am done putting my happiness into other people’s hands. I am done ignoring my own needs.

16. I am done… focusing too hard on the future and forgetting about the present. I’m still at the start of my adulthood. My future is wide open. Yet, I always feel like I’m running out of time. I’m done putting myself up against an invisible clock which only stresses me out with its false urgency. I have time. I have all the time I need to do what I want. I can live my life at my own pace.

Are there annoyances in your life you need to get rid of? Do you have bad habits you need to change? Let me know!






7 thoughts on “THINGS I AM DONE WITH…

  1. I loved reading this post, I really need to do a similar post because there are so many things which I push for but I’m not going to be able to do. I’m way too hard on myself. Great post

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  2. This post is so motivating and you’re definitely a boss for having these thoughts and not tolerating bullshit from others. I definitely feel you with being done with shitty friends. After I removed toxic people from my life, I felt waaaaay better. It can take a while to come to terms with losing a “friend” but cutting the ties with people you don’t need is so relieving once you do it. Thanks for sharing this post, I’m going away feeling like a badass lol x

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