Hello, lovelies!

Here is my 5th blog post for #Blogtober19 – a bucket list of all the things I’d love to do this autumn!

I’ve tried to make this list as realistic as possible, so I have more of a chance to actually achieve them, so you might think they’re pretty boring!

1. I want to… try my first ever pumpkin spiced latte... I have always wanted to try it, but every year I have chickened out or I have been swayed by other yummy flavours!


2. I want to… take lots of autumnal photos for my scrapbook. I have taken lots of lovely photos from this summer, but I would love to add to that collection by taking lots of autumnal ones too! It’s such a beautiful time of year.


3. I want to… pick out a pumpkin and carve or decorate it! Pinterest has given me so much pumpkin-spiration recently!


4. I want to… drink lots of hot chocolates and other festive hot drinks… topped with whipped cream… covered in little marshmallows… all of the flavoured hot drinks to keep me toasty and warm on colder mornings and nights. All the caffeine to get me through university work and lectures.


5. I want to… decorate my office and bedroom to give it that lovely, cosy, autumnal feel… fluffy blankets… fresh bedding… soft dressing gowns… candles… fairy lights… pumpkin-themed decorations… Halloween themed decorations… ah, I just love it all!



6. I want to… watch lots of autumnal themed movies… old Halloween movies… cringy horror films… just all the classic October films.



7. I want to… go for lots of walks amongst nature when the leaves are turning into beautiful colours. Need I say more?


8. I want to… add lots of bits to my Autumn/Winter wardrobe… I’m feeling a splurge in Primark… autumn inspired nail colours… chunky scarves… autumn-inspired makeup… scrunchies… ankle boots… think cosy jumpers.


9. I want to… have lots of lazy, cosy days. Hot water bottle to make it toasty… make time to snuggle under a blanket… with candles…  a pair of fluffy socks… the comfiest clothes… and to read a non-university book. Perfect!


10. I want to… be kind to myself. For some reason during these times of the year, I always struggle to be kind to myself. I have started back at university, so I have so many expectations on myself. I am allowed to take things slow. I am allowed to take things at my own pace. Nothing blooms all year round, so neither should I.


What things are on your autumn bucket list?







4 thoughts on “BLOGTOBER #5: MY AUTUMNAL BUCKET LIST 2019.

  1. Nothing completes my autumn more than drinking spiced chai lattes and watching horror movies, totally relate! Have followed your blog too :)x xxx

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