Hi! How’re things?

It’s time for number 7 in my #Blogtober19 series! This time, I have created a simple list of ideas we can all try on those days when everything just seems impossible.

So, in no particular order…

#1 Throw yourself a full-on pity party, but there are two conditions1, it has to be short. 2, it has to encourage you to pick yourself up again afterwards. Show yourself some compassion. You are allowed to feel like shit. No one feels happy all the time, and no one expects you to either! But, keeping this pity-party going all night long will only create more problems for you in the long term. The best thing to do in a situation where you don’t know how to cope is to just try. You might surprise yourself.

#2 Get dressed. As soon as you feel able. Put on clothes which make you feel good about yourself. Put on clothes which make you feel comfy and safe. Put on clothes which make you feel like you can be productive today. Put on clothes just because you’ve been living in your pyjamas for weeks on end and you’re ready to turn things around for yourself. Just get dressed.

#3 Drink some water. Especially if you have been crying recently or if you have a headache. If you’re going through a difficult time recently, you don’t want to add dehydration to the long list of things going wrong. Nourish your body, it is not your enemy.

#4 Brush your hair. It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember the last time you brushed your hair. It might be worth investing in some detangling spray next time you’re at the shops. You will feel so much better and more like yourself once you treat yourself with kindness, it can all start with something simple like brushing your hair. Do this gently. It may be easier when wet.

#5 Reorganise your wardrobe. Change up how you store your things. Give your room a fresh new feel. A fresh start for a fresh new mindset. Donate things you have fallen out of love with. Throw away those clothes which you said you’d get round to mending but never do. Re-own your space again. It gives you more room to fill it with things which make you feel good about yourself.

#6 Focus on kindness and helping others. By giving something back to others, you can really start to see what kind of impact you have on other people’s lives. It can show you just how worthy you are to live the life that you have. You are worthy of being treated the same way you treat others. It can show you that everyone has struggles and it can even introduce you to people you thought you’d never be friends with, who get the exact situation you are going through.

#7 Brush your teeth. Your smile can be the greatest thing about you, the most valuable thing you can wear. Look after your teeth.

#8 Buy yourself some flowers or a simple gift for yourself. Doing something purely for yourself can be very healing when going through a difficult time. It can help you to feel calmer. It can help you to feel happier when you look at it.

#9 Wash your body. Wash your face. Use nice smelling soap. Wash your sadness and anxious feeling away. Fresh skin for a fresh new mindset. It’ll seem like the hardest thing to do before you do it, afterwards you’ll be so glad that you did. Things always seem better.

#10 Spend some time by yourself. Truly relax and rest. Give up the mask you show to the rest of the world. Work out who you are without influence from the rest of the world. What do you care about? What are your dreams? What parts of your life are not aiding the person you want to be right now? If you feel stuck, this could be how you find your way out.

#11 Finish an old book. Remember that book you started days/months/weeks/years ago that you loved but never had time to finish? Make time. Pick up from where you left off or start afresh. It’ll feel good to finally achieve it.

#12 Write out as many blog posts as you can. Plan and schedule some posts for the future. Your future self will thank you for the effort you made. You can even use them to work through the emotions you feel right now.

#13 Be kind to yourself. You can be your own best friend, in fact, I encourage it! You are your longest commitment, you might as well benefit from it! Notice what you say to yourself. Notice what you think about yourself. Notice how you compare yourself to other people. You might be shocked. Change your self-talk. This can seem really hard after doing it for so long, but just know that you do deserve kindness. You can start appreciating things you like(d) about yourself that day. Keep doing this every day, it’ll become easier.

#14 Listen to music. But make sure it is music that relaxes you. Make sure that it doesn’t make you think too much about your negative experiences. Make sure it doesn’t make you feel bad about who you are as a person. I know that when I feel like this, I need to listen to music where the lyrics don’t mean anything to me. It means I don’t fixate and project my feelings onto the song. I won’t be reminded of things I’m trying to forget.

#15 Write a list of all the reasons why it was worth getting out of bed today. Do this every day that you can. It can be amazing the things that you usually overlook. Give it a chance. Be grateful for where you are right now. Be excited about where you are going. Be grateful for who you are and how hard you are trying.

#16 Make yourself your favourite drink. Get out your favourite mug/ glass. Think of all the good times you’ve had this drink before as you make it. Enjoy.

#17 Make your bed. This can be such a wonderful sight to come home to. The bed that is already prepared for you to flop right back into it. Looking at a freshly-made bed just gives me feelings of accomplishment and pride. This is always my first achievement in the morning/afternoon.

#18 Take some time off of social media. Direct this time to focus on your ‘real-life’. Make changes for you – regardless of whether anyone else sees them or not. Instead of aiming for likes, find out whether you like your life.

#19 Finish those bits of work that you have leftover. Things may seem unmanageable, but just taking things bit by bit can make it seem more achievable. Think how good it’ll feel knowing they are done, and knowing that you were the one who did it. Especially feeling like you do, it’ll feel like you have superpowers.

#20 Watch something new. Watch a new movie. Binge a new TV series. Keep yourself preoccupied and immersed in a new world for a while. Find something wholesome and lose yourself for a few hours. Give yourself a break.

#21 Spring clean. Start with your bedroom. Or kitchen. Or the bathroom. Any room that needs some TLC and feels manageable. Take it room by room, just one thing at a time. Clean space, clean mind n all that.

#22 Reach out to someone you trust. Talk to someone you love. Re-connect with an old friend. Surround yourself with people who only bring you up, not down. Let someone else know how you feel. Share the burden with them. They do care. They can help.

#23 Make yourself some food. Bake something. Try out a new recipe. Prepare your food for tomorrow. Nibble on some new snacks. Eat something. Eat anything. Just make sure you feed yourself today. Treat yourself to a takeaway if you can afford it and don’t feel like cooking.

#24 Make a scrapbook. This is one of my absolute favourite ways to unwind and remember better times. It’s an ongoing project which allows you to get you out and about, give you a purpose, allows you to be creative, allows you to get other people involved… I just love it! I would recommend it to anyone. Then on your low days, you can flick through and remember why it was, and still is, absolutely worth it.

#25 Do some online shopping. In the words of Tom Haverford ‘treat yo’ self’. If you don’t know, get to know Parks and Recreation. This could be another one of your things to do today lol! If you can’t afford it right now, window shop and create a list of things you want to get yourself/ your loved ones when you can. A wish list can drive you forward.

#26 Spend some time on your appearance. Let’s assume you’ve gotten showered and dressed by now. They kind of do come in a certain order… why not spend some time making yourself actually feel like you look good! Of course, there are qualities you don’t like about yourself, but what do you like? What is your absolute favourite quality about yourself? I suggest, painting your nails. If you can’t paint them, just trim them and make sure they are in good condition. Do your make up. Apply your favourite moisturiser. Style your hair. Or both. Spray some nice smellies on. Just embrace yourself for everything that you are.

#27 Take a break from screens. Start a new book. Do some colouring. Post some letters/ cards to friends. Research something new. Start a bullet journal. Play a game. Stop comparing yourself to others.

#28 Make a list of all the things you are grateful for. This includes parts of yourself. Keep this list close by. You could even make a whole thankfulness journal that you keep to remind yourself of the good things.

#29 Catch up with other people’s blogs and/or youtube channels. Leave some positive energy. We are constantly so wrapped up in wanting to increase our own followings we forget why we started our blogs in the first place. You can’t grow without your community.

#30 Create a mental health folder. Print out or create a mood scale. I use this one. Print out or make a feelings wheel. I use this one. Print out or make a mood journal. I use this one. Create a place to keep all your documentation, diagnoses, appointment letters, prescriptions and everything else all in one handy place. This will be so needed in the future, trust me.

#31 Create some mood boards. I live my life through mood boards, especially on Pinterest. I think they are so so so fun to make. They keep me inspired. They keep me motivated. They enable to picture things which may seem impossible right now. They allow me to dream. They allow me to plan and organise.

#32 Unfollow all people on social media who do not support or encourage you. Follow people on social media who drive and inspire you. I think we all spend more time than we’d like to admit in the little social media worlds that we build for ourselves. Therefore, they should be a place to help you, not haunt you. Don’t be afraid to remove people who are bad for your mental health. This is your life too.

#33 Plan out tomorrow morning’s routine. Routine is so important to those of us who experience mental health issues. It can help if this routine is roughly the same everyday. Plan out the things which are in your control, don’t worry about the stuff that isn’t. It is not fair to focus on the things beyond your control.

#34 Take time to remember your personal milestones. Treat yourself when you’ve accomplished something. Feel like a boss when you smash your own goals, especially mental health ones. Especially if it seems like no one else will be bothered, praise the shit out of yourself.

#35 Make yourself a plan for the day… the month… the year… the rest of your life. You will have a future. It will be amazing. Why not direct it to being something you want? Don’t just wing it.

#36 Make a list of the reasons why you CAN. Slow progress is still progress. It may feel like you’re stuck in the same place or that you’re not achieving anything… but you are. Don’t be disheartened when you look around and everything still looks the same, it’s hard to see the big picture right away, but you’ll get there.

#37 Get some sleep. Have a nap if you need one. Go to sleep earlier than usual. Try to clear your mind, rid yourself of those nagging problems from the day, you have a new start tomorrow, a new day.

What are some of your go-to remedies for a bad day?








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