Hey guys!

I present to you all, the 8th post I have created for #Blogtober19 – a list of (hopefully) useful blogging habits to form.

Now, I don’t claim to be the most successful blogger by any stretch of the imagination. But, these are some of the things which allow bloggers, like me, to get the joy that we do out of blogging. If I could pass that onto someone else, why wouldn’t I?

So, in no particular order, here goes…

#1 Learn how to draft and schedule blog posts in advance. Blog around the same time each day where possible.

#2 Practice editing and producing your own photographs for your blog posts. This can make your blog seem more authentic and your readers can feel a bit more connected to you.

#3 Write captions for social media posts and updates in advance. Let’s just be honest, doing everything in advance is so much easier.

#4 Create a list which groups relevant hashtags together for future reference. It can be useful to just refer back to simple lists rather than typing them out over and over again.

#5 Share links to your blog and social media far and wide. Get the word out

#6 Take the time to engage with your followers and other bloggers. You might even make some like-minded blogging friends!

#7 Create a list of daily, weekly, and monthly goals for your blog. Your daily goals should help you in achieving those long-term, goals which seem impossible.

#8 Arrange a time to regularly check your blog statistics. The statistics are like gold in describing what your blog is actually doing! Study the shit out of them.

#9 Check which of your blog posts are most successful and why. As above, there might be some clues into your success.

#10 Integrate writing posts and general blog admin into your current daily, weekly and monthly routines. If you seriously want to make your blog successful, you’re going to have to dedicate a realistic amount of time to it.

#11 Be highly analytical with your blog. Where is your traffic coming from? How many posts are you making a month? How many new followers have you gained this month? What keywords are people using to find your content? How long are people sticking around on your blog once they get there? All of the Google Analytics functions.

#12 Be focused and consistent. 

#13 Write as if you are talking to someone you know. Some people like to read informational articles, I personally feel that blogs should have a personal, relaxed feel to them. I want to feel like I know the writer and the topic.

#14 Don’t listen too much to other bloggers and try to be like them. The world doesn’t need another [insert name of popular blogger you like here]. But it does need a new and authentic voice, from you.

#15 Let your personality show. Use your own voice.

#16 Create strong titles and introductions. Most people switch off after if these aren’t to their taste.

#17 Guest posts. Guest post for others. Include guest posts in your blog. Something I am yet to do but would love to. If you are a blogger whos interested in sharing on my blog, hit me up!

#18 Ask yourself whether your readers actually need YOUR post. Does it add anything that they don’t already know? What is it about this post that they need to know about?

#19 Break the text up. This is not the time or place for big blocks of chunked writing.

#20. Proof-read all writing, edit all writing, spell-check all writing. It matters, trust me.

#21 Respond to comments. That kind person has taken time out of their day to read your post, you could at least thank them.

#22 Link to your older posts. This can prevent content from gathering dust and keep readers on your blog for longer.

#23 Keep an eye on what other bloggers in your ‘niche’ are doing. 

#24 Write with passion and only post what you are passionate about. There is no point in writing about something that you don’t care about and don’t absolutely love.

#25 Think about your blog/ blog posts from the reader’s point of view. 

#26 Be consistent. 

#27 Check your appearance. Not so much your own appearance, but how your blog looks. Compare how it displays on tablets, mobile phones and computer screens. Your readers could be coming from a range of devices, so make sure they all display everything correctly.

#28 Educate yourself on the topic you are blogging about as much as you can.

#29 Know the type of audience that you are creating content for. 

#30 Quality over quantity. 

What would you like to add to this list? What is something you wish you knew when you first started blogging?








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