Hello, lovelies!

Here is post number nine for #blogtober19 – my reasons for staying alive.

Blogtober has been my first opportunity to talk about something other than mental health, but I still want to make sure the main focus is around it. Always.

I still want to spread as much awareness as I can surrounding mental illness. I want to help myself and others who are already struggling to feel less alone.

I have recently decided to re-read “Reasons to Stay Alive” by Matt Haig – one of my favourites.

There is a part of the book where he asks his readers to list all of their reasons to stay alive, whilst talking about his own throughout the book. It got me thinking about my own reasons…

Here goes…

  • The sound of the rain on my window when I’m wrapped up in a blanket or my duvet.
  • Coming home to find a surprise package on your doorstep.
  • The warmth that hits you when you step off of a plane into a different country.
  • Taking your bra off after a long day.
  • Falling asleep next to someone you love, with no alarm set for the next day.
  • Meeting new animals.
  • Staring out of the window whilst travelling.
  • Finding simple pleasures in everyday things.
  • The feeling of being completely safe in a hug from someone who loves me.
  • Waking up on my birthday.
  • The smell of a barbecue that’s almost ready to be served.
  • The excitement of planning a trip somewhere new.
  • Being complimented.
  • How it feels to drink water when you have been so thirsty.
  • Looking for shapes in the clouds.
  • Forehead kisses.
  • To graduate from my masters in MSc Forensic Psychology.
  • The glow of warm fairy lights.
  • Student discounts.
  • To travel and see more of the world.
  • To spend more days wearing and staring lovingly at my engagement ring.
  • When the little ones come running to hug you when they’ve realised you’ve turned up shouting your name.
  • The way Flynn gives you his paw for you to stroke.
  • Finding a series you love to binge-watch.
  • When my fiance says he loves me.
  • Meals out.
  • The feeling you get when you finally achieve a goal you’ve wanted for so long.
  • Falling into bed on fresh sheet night.
  • Walking along a warm beach in the evening, sand between your toes.
  • Flipping the pillow to the cold side.
  • The feeling you get when you are finally over something which bothered you for so long.
  • Wearing the new clothes you’ve just treated yourself to.
  • Staring at the stars on a dark night.
  • Freshly dyed hair.
  • The feeling you get the night before you go on holiday.
  • Pancakes.
  • For all the Christmases yet to come.
  • Laughing with friends.
  • Holding hands.
  • Sunrises.
  • Warm wees after being in a cool pool.
  • To be the mum I’m too scared to admit I want to be someday.
  • Finding that perfect new nail varnish colour.
  • The feeling of the sun on your skin.
  • Good makeup days.
  • Pyjamas.
  • To own a golden retriever.
  • Opening your results to see you’ve done better than you thought.
  • To laugh at my fiance when he drinks too much and spends the night with his head in the toilet.
  • Doughnuts.
  • Singing as loud as you can whilst driving alone.
  • Finding a decent mocktail flavour.
  • The sound of the sea.
  • Everything about Harry Potter.
  • Decorating the Christmas tree.
  • Being given your favourite flowers – or any flowers.
  • Roaring fires.
  • Hearing my fiance sing along to a new song he likes whilst driving.
  • To one day own my own home.
  • A completed to-do list.
  • To make my mum and grandad proud of me.
  • When you get a decent photo.
  • Sunsets.
  • The first sip of an iced coffee.
  • To watch the little ones grow up into awesome people.
  • To have my dream wedding with the man of my dreams.
  • Cities twinkling at night as you drive through them.
  • Feeling a breeze on a hot day.
  • Fireworks.
  • The feel of new books.
  • To make a lifetime of memories with my fiance.

I love to reflect upon my life like this. To remind me that there is SO much good in the world, even on days we can’t see it. Having it all written down in one place makes it so much easier to be reminded of them on days when I really need it.

What are some of your reasons to stay alive?







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